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Releasing Cool New Games On 3DS Is Such A Waste

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You have probably been here before. A Japanese company announces an exciting new game. The concept sounds great, the trailer has you hyped, and everything seems perfect... until you see those three words that you’ve grown to loathe in 2018. “Only for 3DS.”


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12 days ago
Fuck you
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Till: Woodley won’t accept fight because he thinks ‘nobody is worthy’

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According to Darren Till, Tyron Woodley turned down a proposed title fight.

Everyone has a different story to tell in the UFC welterweight title picture.

Darren Till claims Colby Covington is injured and ‘out’ of his proposed fight with Tyron Woodley. Covington is adamant that he’s fighting Woodley in late 2018. Woodley, the reigning champion, doesn’t seem to know what’s going on.

In the latest news, top-ranked contender Till says ‘T-Wood’ turned down the UFC’s offer to fight him for the title.

“I don’t know what’s happening with Colby, whether he’s injured or not, but I’ve been offered Tyron Woodley and he turned the fight down,” Till told MMA Fighting’s Peter Carroll on Thursday morning.

“That’s what it looks like to me and I’ve been on the UFC’s case about it. UFC want me to fight him, but he will not accept it. [UFC] didn’t mention a date or anything, but that’s the fight they wanted to make and he obviously isn’t into it.”

‘The Gorilla’ can’t understand why Woodley won’t accept the fight and has started to question whether the champ even wants to return to the Octagon.

Till stated that Woodley believes no one is worthy of challenging him for the belt.

“I’m not too bothered about it, but I get a feeling that he thinks that nobody is worthy of fighting him for the title. I think he just wants to hold onto the belt for as long as he can. He’s going to have to make a decision soon. If he doesn’t want to fight me, who does he want to fight? It’s just me and Colby and Colby is injured apparently, so who is there? It’s a weird one, but I’m just waiting to see what happens,” Till said.

“Maybe he wants to hold on for the Colby fight or maybe he just doesn’t want to come back — maybe he just doesn’t want to fight me. There could be many reasons but I think we’re going to find out what’s going to happen in the next few days. I’m not thinking too much into it at the moment because I want to have more information. I just want to see what it’s going to be, whether it’s me fighting Woodley or if he’s going to wait to fight Colby.”

Or, perhaps Woodley is trying to negotiate a big-money fight with a Georges St-Pierre or Nate Diaz?

“He’s not getting the Georges St-Pierre fight, he’s not getting Nate Diaz, so who is he going to fight?” Till added.

Till isn’t reading too much into the situation and is happy to accept another fight if Woodley isn’t interested in defending his title.

“I’m not going to wait around for it. I’ll just beat someone else and see what happens. I really feel he wants to just keep a hold of that title,” he said.

The 25-year-old is open to the idea of a rematch with Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson, who he beat in a controversial, unanimous decision earlier this year at UFC Fight Night 130 in his hometown of Liverpool, England.

“If a rematch with Thompson is what the UFC want me to do, I’ll do the rematch. If he wants another fight, it’ll be the different this time. I’ll be much stronger. If he wants it, he can have it. I’m not one for turning down a fight – especially not a rematch.”

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29 days ago
Or maybe, just maybe, Woodley actually hasn't been offered the fight because the UFC likes nothing more than to get its fighters to undermine each other so they don't have to
Madison, WI
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Sony is making a limited edition ‘Amazing Red’ PS4 Pro for Spider-Man’s launch

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Sony is no stranger to releasing custom-edition PlayStation 4 consoles to celebrate the launch of big games, but sometimes they can frankly be pretty hideous. But this red PS4 Pro, available as part of a Spider-Man bundle on September 7th, is definitely going to appeal to gamers who love their comic books. It’s red. It’s vibrant. Sony calls it “Amazing Red,” according to the box. There’s a huge Spider-Man logo stamped onto the top. What else do you want?

It also comes with a physical copy of the game and vouchers for DLC. Here it is from another angle:

The included controller perfectly matches the console’s color scheme, too. I’m a little confused as to whether the top of the console is glossy or not — Sony’s video makes...

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30 days ago
Holy shit I need it
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Morning Report: Brian Ortega details meeting when he told Dana White he wouldn’t fight at UFC 226

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When Max Holloway pulled out of his scheduled title defense against Brian Ortega just days before UFC 226, Ortega was put into a difficult situation: take a short notice fight and risk losing his title shot, or decline to fight and risk not being compensated and angering UFC President Dana White. Ultimately, Ortega chose not to accept any short notice fight, and while some fighters think that may have been a bad decision, Ortega says there was never any other choice to be made.

“All of [my team] were on the same page,” Ortega recently told Brendan Schaub on Below the Belt. “It never happened in the history of our team. It’s always like [one guys says] ‘I think you should take it,’ [another guy says] ‘No, you’re stupid!’ and then it’s this thing and we finally come to an agreement. This time, I walked in the room and everyone was on the same page. . .

[So], we talked to Dana and he was pretty pissed off. He was just in a bad mood, a fight fell through, DC just fell, and then he walks in this meeting. So I tell him, ‘Hey, I’m not gonna fight.’ I’m holding my ground. ‘Listen, with all due respect, I stepped in and fought [Thiago] Tavares on two weeks’ notice, I stepped in and I fought Frankie on three weeks’ notice, and I stepped in and tried to fight Khabib [Nurmagomedov] on six days’ notice. It’s not a scared issued, it’s not that I’m not down for the company. I finished everyone you told me to, every single person you put in front of me, I took their heads off and, like Conor [McGregor] says, I put them on your f**king doorstep. That earned me a title shot and now that I’m here, why go anywhere else besides forward?”

As far as being “a company man” goes, Ortega has been more than willing to step up when to occasion calls for it. as he outlines, Ortega has fought on short notice or against a change of opponent three times in his seven UFC fights, including stepping in to fight Frankie Edgar when Holloway pulled out of his scheduled title defense against Edgar for UFC 222.

Unfortunately for Ortega, the UFC is often a “what have you done for me lately” organization, and at UFC 226, Ortega did a lot, but not the thing they wanted, and so he wasn’t compensated for any of his time. Ortega says that he tried to argue with Dana White but to no avail. He wasn’t interested in an interim title and White wasn’t interested in anything but getting his way.

“The offer was Frankie [Edgar] or [Jeremy] Stephens,” Ortega said. “I was like, Frankie, we just fought him and Stephens, I want to fight for a title, not fight - if you look at it, [Renato] Moicano beat Stephens, [Cub] Swanson beat Stephens, and Edgar beat Stephens, I just finished all three of these guys.”

“[Dana] put on his promoter hat and is like, ‘Listen man, just fight, we’ll work something out,’ and I was like, ‘We don’t need to work anything out. I want Max Holloway or I want the belt.’ [Dana says] ‘Well, we’ll see if we can do an interim belt.’ I’m not fighting for a fake belt. It looks cool but it’s not the real belt. There’s no real money involved with that one. Nothing really goes on in terms of being a champion. You just get something that says, ‘I’m first place.’ It just says I’m next in line for the belt but I’m already here! You just want to put something shiny around my waist to make me feel better. No, I’m not gonna do it.

“I showed up, I was cutting weight, I did all the media, even the media in Spanish. I had to do double the work and do all that in Spanish. Every fighter left and I’m still stuck there doing everything in Spanish. I showed I was a company man. I was down to promote the hell out of this fight, I took extra hours while I’m hungry, starving, to keep doing media. I showed up. Don’t you think that’s worth something? Even if I didn’t take the fight, I did my end of the deal. Then they came back and said ‘Well our deal is to find you a fight and we found you a fight and you turned it down. I did my job, you didn’t do yours. Your job is to show up and fight.’”

It was a tough break for Ortega who was denied a paycheck and a title fight and now is stuck in limbo, waiting for Holloway to heal up and come back. Holloway withdrew from their fight due to concussion-like symptoms and there is no timetable for his return. Since Ortega says he will only fight for the real belt, “T-City” could be in for a long layoff. Unless, of course, the UFC decides to strip Holloway due to inactivity. Holloway hasn’t defended his title since December and has now withdrawn from three consecutive fights this year. Ortega says that if Holloway is going to be out for an indefinite amount of time, stripping him would be the right call, and if they do, Ortega would be happy to fight any of the guys offered.

“I want the belt, I don’t care who has it,” Ortega concluded. “If Max Holloway can’t fight for another six months to a year, that means that would be a full year that he hasn’t defended the title, which means the rules say you’ve got to strip him. I want to fight soon. If he can’t fight, let’s keep fighting. If he can’t fight for awhile, then give me a title fight. It doesn’t matter [against who]. I don’t care. It’s never been about an opponent. I don’t care who it is. Just throw them in front of me and let me do what I have to do. Let me earn the belt.”


Bullet. Nicco Montano to defend flyweight title vs. Valentina Shevchenko at UFC 228.

USADA. Anderson Silva receives one-year suspension for contaminated supplement.

Spider. Anderson Silva talks USADA determination and how it alters legacy.

Lima. Douglas Lima Rory MacDonald vs. Gegard Mousasi ‘holds up’ welterweight division.

Semtex. Paul Daley agrees to terms on new Bellator deal, wants Michael Page fight next.


Live Chat, episode 2.

The Sound Off.

Of course he’s down for a WWE job.

TTTHS on Anderson’s clearance.

DC says he’s out a few moths with broken hand.

Gus interview.


Heavy Hands. Previewing Shogun vs. Smith and discussing Rua’s future title shot.

Obviously Fight Talk. Previewing UFC Fight Night 134.


Wants to fight so bad.

And now she’s a rallying point for other featherweights.

To be honest, in my opinion. I believe @criscyborg is fighting so hard for this featherweight class. It’s really frustrating not having fights and how they are treating this division. I believe I am a tough fighter,never ran from nobody. My losses came from a frustrating situations in my life. All this time, trying to fight with cyborg is like you having a crush in someone... you try to conquer that person, and you never conquer. Lol . To be honest, it doesn’t matter to me anymore , why ? I am not afraid, because being afraid to me is coward. I have respect for Cyborg. I don’t think is fair either to be waiting 10 months to fight with Amanda... I believe she needs to get a fight before... there’s @dandoiscindy and @pambamsorenson. They are both tough girls.. and There’s me!! I got to frustrated in my career... because I fought so hard for wanting this fight and it never happened. I sent emails to @mickmaynard2 and @seanshelby and always have asked an opportunity to fight with Cris. I have always asked them. I begged for a fight with her... and I sent email saying there’s no one who could beat her. She’s a tough woman. I believe I would make a nice fight because of my grappling. But it’s not fair to be waiting for 10 months to fight. If you call someone out, you have to fight anytime, anywhere. ! I called out @judokayla, if 20 days from now I got a phone call, I will FIGHT !!!! My word has to be completed... that’s my opinion. May God Bless us all !!! Let’s see what will bring to us. God knows the plans.. #psalm91 #Repost @criscyborg with @get_repost ・・・ If Amanda Nunes ‍♀️is hurt and can not fight until next year I do not need to wait 10 months without a fight. I can fight @dandoiscindy @indiagomesmma or @pambamsorenson at #ufc228 or #ufcsp! They are all ranked top 10 and I am healthy and in the prime of my career. I am ready to fight now and should not be penalized because Nunes is hurt #cyborgnation #criscyborg #ufcfn137

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I would settle for this if we can’t get Sage-Perry.

The horror.

Conor never looks comfortable when he poses.

The greatest prize.

10 years too late.

The Russian-Chinese investment fund, Mubadala Investment Company and the Ultimate Fighting Championship announced foundation of UFC Russia. The new company is going to promote MMA and organize new shows in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). M-1 Global is going to be a partner taking care of finding Russian athletes and preparing them for the fights. M-1 Challenge champions will get a unique opportunity to sign contracts with the UFC. M-1 Global president Vadim Finkelchtein: «We are looking forward to further cooperation with the UFC and the Russian-Chinese investment fund working on developing young Russian talents and this will benefit our sports very much. MMA is a very popular kind of sports and cooperation of the UFC, investment fund and M-1 Global can take MMA in Russia to new level. Competition in M-1 Global is going to be even tougher and that means we are going to see even more excellent and spectacular fights!» _____ Чемпионы М-1 будут автоматом попадать в UFC «В смешанных единоборствах России будет больше ярких и зрелищных поединков» 18 июля Российско-китайский инвестиционный фонд, Mubadala Investment Company и американская компания UFC (Ultmate Fightng Championship) объявили о создании совместной компании UFC RUSSIA. Новое предприятие сфокусируется на развитии индустрии смешанных боевых искусств (MMA) в России и СНГ, займется подготовкой и проведением спортивных мероприятий под брендом UFC. Поиском и подготовкой новых ММА-атлетов в РФ займется M-1 Global, которая станет гарантированным трамплином в эту организацию - чемпионы M-1 будут автоматически переходить в UFC. «Мы с нетерпением ждем возможности работать с UFC и РКИФ над развитием молодых ММА талантов в России и СНГ, что, несомненно, поможет развитию этого вида спорта в целом. ММА уже является очень популярным видом спорта среди наших атлетов, и совместная работа с UFC и РКИФ поможет вывести ММА на принципиально новый уровень. Это означает, что в Лиге смешанных единоборств М-1 возрастет конкуренция, будет больше ярких и зрелищных поединков», - считает Вадим Финкельштейн, президент M-1 Global.

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Sage is perfectly on brand.

Coming your way in 2019, probably.


Virna Jandiroba (13-0) vs. Janaisa Morandin (10-1); Invicta FC 31, Sep 1.

Nicco Montano (4-2) vs. Valentina Shevchenko (15-3); UFC 228, Sep. 8.

Karolina Kowalkiewicz (12-2) vs. Jessica Andrade (18-6); UFC 228, Sep. 8.

Carla Esparza (13-5) vs. Tatiana Suarez (6-0); UFC 228, Sep. 8.

Aljamain Sterling (15-3) vs. Cody Stamann (17-1); UFC 228, Sep. 8.

John Dodson (20-9) vs. Jimmie Rivera (21-1); UFC 228, Sep. 8.

Yair Rodriguez (10-2) vs. Zabit Magomedsharipov (15-1); UFC 228, Sep. 8.

Ryan Benoit (10-5) vs. Roberto Sanchez (8-1); UFC 228, Sep. 8.

Charles Byrd (10-4) vs. Darren Stewart (8-3); UFC 228, Sep. 8.

Geoff Neal (9-2) vs. Frank Camacho (21-6); UFC 228, Sep. 8.

A.J. McKee (11-0) vs. Pat Curran (23-7); Bellator 205, Sep. 21.


2008: In his first excursion to light heavyweight, Anderson Silva knocked out James Irvin at UFC Fight Night 14.

2014: Conor McGregor headlined his first UFC event, knocking out Diego Brandao at UFC Fight Night 46.


Thanks for reading and see y’all tomorrow.


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30 days ago
The UFC expects all its fighters to be company men and women but without any of the perks that traditionally comes with
Madison, WI
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Charges dropped against Volkan Oezdemir in felony battery case

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Volkan Oezdemir can now focus fully on the giant fight he has next month.

The UFC light heavyweight contender had charges against him dismissed Monday in his felony battery case in Broward County (Fla.) court, his lawyer Bruce Zimet told MMA Fighting in a statement.

The information was confirmed by spokesperson Kristi Grimm from the state attorney’s office. The case has been ruled nolle prosequi, which means the prosecution will no longer pursue the charge. Grimm said the charges were dropped “due to lack of cooperation from the victim.”

Oezdemir’s trial was set to start Monday for the third-degree felony charge. He was being accused of striking and knocking out a man outside a Fort Lauderdale bar in August 2017. The Switzerland native, who trains out of Combat Club in Lantana, Fla., was arrested in November.

When Oezdemir was first charged, he had to surrender his passport. It ended up likely costing him two potential bouts against Mauricio Rua. A fight against “Shogun” was postponed after being initially announced for Chile in May. Then, last week, Oezdemir was pulled from a fight with Rua in Germany later this month.

The good news is Oezdemir has what could be a title eliminator coming his way instead. He’ll fight Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 227 on Aug. 4 in Los Angeles. The winner will have an inside track on a light heavyweight belt currently in flux with champion Daniel Cormier winning the heavyweight title over the weekend.

Oezdemir, 28, last fought in a title fight against Cormier at UFC 220 back in January, a second-round TKO loss. Before that, he won three straight to begin his UFC career quickly. Oezdemir (15-2) finished both Jimi Manuwa and Misha Cirkunov last year in less than a minute to earn the title shot.

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40 days ago
Can't wait for this to be described as "totally innocent and cleared of all charges"
Madison, WI
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Gegard Mousasi wants ‘extra’ drug testing for Lyoto Machida if they rematch: ‘I don’t trust that guy’

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Gegard Mousasi believes Lyoto Machida was using PEDs when they fought in 2015, and now that “The Dragon” has joined the Bellator ranks, the middleweight champion has insisted that he would needs the karateka to undergo “extra” testing if they are to fight again.

Mousasi used Machida’s physical appearance during their clash as the basis for his argument.

“He was slippy as f*ck,” Machida told Luke Thomas on the latest episode of The MMA Hour. “If you put oil on your body, the next day you sweat it out and you’re slippy as f*ck. I’m not [the] only [one] saying that; you can ask Luke Rockhold — he said he was slippery too and I went five rounds with [Machida].

“I was watching the video back and when I have his back he was shiny as f*ck and he had a six-pack like 15-year-old virgin boy. Then I saw his last fight with Vitor Belfort and he was fat as f*ck. What you can see, you can see. I’m not blind, go back and watch the fights.

“He had a six-pack a few years ago and since USADA came he doesn’t have one anymore. I don’t want to talk about it. People always say I’m a bad loser. I’m not a bad loser, I’m saying I fought people that were on steroids, you dumb motherf*ckers — what can’t you understand about that?”

He underlined that the Brazilian would specifically have to undergo blood testing because he doesn’t trust him.

“Rematch? 100 percent. And if we have a rematch, we should be tested the same as USADA — blood and urine — because he’s a cheater, 100 percent he’s a cheater.”

“I want to do it the same way,” Mousasi continued. “So far, the commission has been doing a good job so everything has been fine. I think with Machida they should do extra testing and especially blood [testing] because I don’t trust that guy.”

Although Mousasi thinks Machida was handed a stern penalty for admitting his use of 7-Keto-DHEA ahead of his clash with Dan Henderson, he is adamant that the Brazilian karateka was using PEDs when the fought, before the UFC’s USADA era had begun.

“When I fought him, that was before USADA, people have to understand that. After USADA he’s been caught with some stupid sh*t, I don’t consider that to be [as bad]. His buddy, Anderson Silva, he knew he was being tested and he got caught twice for steroids. Brazilians have a reputation for being on steroids, that’s the truth,” said Mousasi.

“Before USADA, I felt he took something before our fight. Then afterwards, of course he knows he’s going to be tested so he wasn’t going to use the other sh*t that he was using before.

“I’m just wondering where is his six-pack? Watch the video of him fighting Vitor Belfort, he has a chubby belly. He still has to cut all of that weight, so when you lose all that weight you’ve got to be muscular, but he wasn’t muscular.”

He also outlined some grievances he would have with Bellator signing Vitor Belfort.

“You’ve seen pictures of Vitor Belfort? He looks jacked again. Vitor Belfort on TRT was knocking everyone out. After, without TRT, he was losing to everyone. The problem with [performance] enhancing drugs is, you have all this experience and then you do PEDs and you have all the physical attributes of a 20-year-old and maybe even better because you overdo the testosterone levels,” he said.

“A fair [playing field] is all I’m asking for. If they allow everyone to use steroids then sure, I’m going to use something and then it will be about who has the better doctor.”

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46 days ago
He's not a sore loser, he just thinks everyone who beat him is on steroids
Madison, WI
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